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Beach Club Resort Room

Beach Club is one of our favorite resorts. We love the pool and we love that we can walk to Epcot and enter directly into the countries. This resort is considered a Deluxe Resort and will sleep 5 people comfortably with  2 queen size beds and a daybed.  The view from a Garden View Room.   I love all the counter top space.  Hidden is a mini fridge. 

The New and Improved Dumbo

With the much anticipated move and return of Dumbo, a few new features have made this classic ride even more of a hit!!! We are so very excited to share this with you!! We just returned from the Walt Disney Resort where we were able to get a Sneak Peek at a new Queue Line experience Disney is beginning in the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. We were so very excited to be among some of the first guests to experience Dumbo's Tent!! Inside this Big Top Circus is a Playground.... an air conditioned play ground!!! When you step inside the tent you will receive a pager. When you are paged, you can ride Dumbo or choose to play more. We opted to play a little more. Why would we not, just check out these pictures!!! Inside the Main Ring was a spot for just little bitty Disney lovers.  This picture of the cannon ball is part of one of the serveral slides!  Not only did Disney add an amazing play ground, but they added 2 Dumbo attractions so more people could ride! Now, don&#

Disney Announces Free Dining for Fall- Early Winter 2012

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for....... Free Dining has been announced for Fall/ Early Winter 2012!! Whoooooo Hooooooow!!!!! I know everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for this announcement and finally it is here. Below are the dates you have to check in to get this amazing offer. Sept 30-Oct 4 Oct 19- Nov 1 Nov 9-15 Nov 23-29 Dec 10-13 You must book by September 29 to get this super money saving offer! Call us today and we can help you with everything, even your dining!! 205-541-6202 or

Art of Animation Resort

I just had to share this with you as soon as I got back from the Magical Place!! I was in Disney this weekend taking pictures of the newest resort, Art of Animation. I have to tell you this may be my favorite resort right now. I love how each room has 2 full bathrooms and the master room has a door, that you can close!!! Mom and Dad can have some quite time while the kiddos are in the other room. That may be my only complaint from clients. Disney has listened a built a new resort for the "non traditional" family, and the family that really wants extra space without the huge price tag that goes with a villa. These rooms will accommodate families of 6. When the resort is complete it will have 4 themed areas. Nemo, Cars, Lion King, and the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid rooms will just be standard size value rooms. These will open early September and you can  book your stay in them today.