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Have you ever seen a destination photo and thought to yourself "I must find out where that picture was taken and then plan a trip!"??
Well, I have and it resulted in the photo that you see in this post.

This photo was taken on the Hawaiian island of Kauai a few years ago when my husband and I were fortunate enough to visit for the 2nd time! If you've never visited Hawaii you're definitely missing out!
I know, it seems like a BIG trip - and it is - but it's not as crazy expensive as people tend to think. Add to that, there are ways of getting there that will not break the bank!
Let's start, though, with the basics...
Hawaii consists of 4 main islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the "Big Island" of Hawaii. These islands, along with the teeny island of Molokai, are the counties that make up the state of Hawaii! Each one is very different as I'll explain below.
Oahu Nickname: The Gathering Place This island is arguably the most well-known of the 4 main is…

5 Places You Must Visit For Plant Based Diets and Healthy Eating at Disney World

There are plenty of wonderful, fresh, delicious options at Disney World for those on a Plant Based Diet. Even if you are not specifically on a healthy diet, all of these sound awesome! Here are five places you should include on your dining list for your next visit
1.Pecos Bill in Magic Kingdom
*Order the Vegetable Fajitas which comes with grilled bell peppers, onions, squash, and zucchini. Then go to the toppings bar and load up on fresh lime, black beans, guacamole, fresh tomatoes, corn, and jalapenos.

2.Quick Service Breakfast using a Snack Credit
*The new dining plans include 2 snack credits per person per night of stay. That can equal a lot of snack credits! Use those snack credits for breakfast at the quick service at your resort. Grab a whole wheat bagel and cover with it peanut butter, use your refillable mug for a cup of coffee and you’re set! Don’t be afraid to see if you can get a piece of fruit like an orange or banana free of charge or added to the 1 snack credit used with y…

Dare to Check Into the Tower of Terror

Twelve Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Pack for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

Part 1 
In my almost 10 years of traveling to Disney World, I have discovered many little things that make a big difference in the quality of your stay.
Here are six of my favorite ideas that I never leave home without!
1. Shoe Organizer
You can use this for shoes of course but on vacation it is useful for holding anything you can think of.Magic bands, extra cookies from quick service, napkins, tissues, toiletries, receipts, important travel documents, diapers, wipes, extra washcloths, food/snacks you brought from home or had delivered, and much more!The ideas are up to you.
What items do you want easy access to?
What items might be lost otherwise?
How can you reduce clutter on the tables, desks, nightstands, and the TV stand?
See the picture below of how my family used ours on our most recent trip to WDW.

2.Pressed Pennies and Quarters
Penny-press machines.They are all over Disney property and my family loves them!It will cost you 50 cents to press one penny.Bringing a roll of quarters…