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Aulani: When To Go

We get asked this question a lot: When is the best time to go?  Today we will focus on when is the best time to go to Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii.  Technically, ANYTIME is a good time to go to Hawaii J But, if you are looking to go when rates are the lowest, here is a cheat sheet for you: Value Season Most affordable pricing, runs late October th rough the beginning of March (minus the holidays) Regular Season Not too much higher pricing than Value, starts first of September through early October. Peak Season  Summertime, beginning late May through August Holiday Season  Highest pricing, runs ALL year around a big holiday, i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, Easter Aulani currently has a promotion to save  25-40%  Off!  Contact your Zip a dee doo dah Travel agent for more info on this  gorgeous resort. XOXO,  Your Memory Maker, Jess

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Many people ask, “When I use you to plan my vacation, what is it that you actually do?”  Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to give you the insight you need to decide whether our services are for you. 1) Are your services REALLY free? *Yes they sure are! Disney and other vacation vendors compensate me for my time to assist you in planning ensuring we secure the ideal Disney experience for you and your family! You will not pay more by going with me and quite often you will even pay less. Even if you receive an offer code after booking with us we will do the utmost to honor it and get you the discount!  2)What are the benefits of using you instead of just booking on my own? As a Disney Certified Specialist we will provide you with... *The convenience of the trip being booked, planned, and delivered to your mailbox at no extra cost *A person to bounce questions of off before your trip and even while you are there *Emergency assistance if a

Calling All Water Park Fans!

Check out this ALL NEW family ride at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Miss Adventure Falls is one you and your family will not want to miss the next time you visit this park. The other really great news....NO HEIGHT requirements!! Even the youngest explorers can ride!!! XOXO,  Your Memory Maker, Kendra 

Twelve Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Pack for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

Part 2  Here are the last six things I recommend packing for your magical vacation.  7. Empty Luggage or Large Bag/Duffle for Souvenirs You may feel foolish checking in an empty piece of luggage however you will appreciate it on your departure day.   This can by used for your souvenirs that you have collected over the course of your vacation.   Believe me, you don’t realize the amount until you spread it out on the bed to try and pack it all!   Another option is to fold up a large bag (carry-on size) and pack it.   Then stuff it full of your precious purchases and carry it with you to keep it safe and protected.   My yearly Xmas ornaments would never make it home in one piece otherwise! 8. External Battery to Charge Phone In Disney, you don’t only use your phone to call your spouse, friends and family.   The My Disney Experience app is a useful tool you will use often throughout your vacation.   And when you are not using Memory Maker photographers you will b

Hidden Bits of Magic In the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Lots of guest to the Disney resorts and park know all about the Magic that happens everyday! From parades to firework shows and character meets to rides a day at Disney is magical. Do you know about those bits of magic that are a little more hidden? The ones you happen to stumble on while walking in the parks? I was lucky to come across one that inspired me. A custodial cast member was diligently doing his job one day in the Magic Kingdom and I thought nothing of it until I looked again! Using a simple broom, dust pan, and a little water he created elaborate images of beloved Disney characters on the walking paths for guests to enjoy!   These images evaporate quickly in the hot Florida sun, but for those few magical moments, adults stopped to look and children laughed and pointed at the unexpected delight. The next time you are strolling though a park take a few minutes to look around and see what kind of unexpected magic you can find!  XOXO, Your

What Can A Sandal's Butler Do For You?

Are you confused by what you should actually ask a butler to do should you ever get one? Not sure if you really need a butler because you think they are just there to unpack your luggage?  Like the idea of a butler, but think that a butler might be too intrusive on your honeymoon?  One of the quickest ways to take your trip up a notch is to get a butler level room. Try it once, and you will be hooked! Score extra brownie points with your partner by getting one, and look like the hero for the remainder of your trip. Sandals Butlers are amazing and can do a great many things for you during your stay. Best of all, they do it in an unobtrusive way; so that you aren't even aware that it's happening.  The biggest accomplishment and where they truly shine is having the ability to anticipate your needs so that you feel well cared for and attended to.  Imagine lying on the beach, without a care in the world, and OH NO! You forgot your sunblock!  No worries

The Best Sop on Main Street USA!

As you stroll down Main Street USA, the nostalgia and magic is overwhelming!   For many visitors, first-timers and repeat guest, they say this is the most magical part of their entire Walt Disney World vacation.   This Memory Maker would have to agree! But I am not here to recant the memories and feelings of Main Street USA. Let’s be honest. That would take a novel, too much for a blog post!   I want to tell you what not to miss when you are wrapped up in the magic of it all! Your last stop on the left before you head toward the iconic castle, Casey’s Corner!   Casey Corner is hands-down this Memory Maker’s FAVORITE quick service stop in ALL of Walt Disney World.   From the hot dogs to the cracker jacks, Casey’s Corner has it all.   The food is themed after a day in the ballpark; hot dogs, corndogs, fries, and yes - even cracker jacks.   Trust me, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices at Casey’s Corner. Everything is a must!   My absolute favorite is the Barbeque Sl