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An All New Dumbo

So many people have asked me about the new expansion in Magic Kingdom, and about Dumbo being closed for refurbishment. I hope this helps answer some of your questions, and helps you better plan your trip. Walt Disney World’s official calendar has been updated with some very interesting refurbishment dates that are very telling in regards to the opening of at least part of Storybook Circus and the much-needed rehab of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Storybook Circus, part of the New Fantasyland Expansion, is scheduled to open in phases beginning in early 2012. Disney has now posted firm dates on the closing and re-opening of Dumbo that all but telegraph the move.  According to the calendar (dates subject to change of course) Dumbo will officially close in its existing location on Monday the 9th of January.  As it stands now, Dumbo would re-open at its new location within Storybook Circus on Friday, February 17th.   Dumbo the Flying Elephant will come to life  in a new way with two

Surprise You are Going to Disney!

I wanted to share this sweet video with you! A magical surprise will brighten anyone's day! Happy Monday!

Packing for the Magical Place

If you are anything like myself, packing for a long vacation can really make your head hurt. Packing for a magical vacation, can send you right over the edge!!!! I have found some things that really help me when I travel to Disney, and packing tips I will pass along to you. I begin this mind boggling process by gathering various sizes of zip lock bags. I used to use the Wal Mart brand, however they really do not work well since the packaging changed. I would rather pay just a little more and know that my shampoo and other runny products will not get all over my clothing. I am way to OCD for my own good!!! My husband tells me all the time, but I just can't help it! My brain needs to see things written out, or I just can't comprehend something. So, I write things out. I make a list of the days we will be away, add the weather, write out what Miss R will wear, and I begin rounding up my packing items. ( You are getting a look inside my brain. Scary, right!!!) I will writ