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Princess 5K

For years, I’ve watched friends on social media run in the Princess Weekend marathons and wanted to join in.  It just looked like so much fun!  Back in 2016, my friend Stephanie and I made a deal - we would participate in 2017!  When registration day came around in June, we bought our bibs and started to plan.   Just for clarification, I am not a runner.  I have zero athletic ability but I love Disney so I wanted to be there.  We decided to do the 5k so we’d still have energy left to explore the theme parks. On marathon weekend, we arrived in Orlando on Thursday afternoon.  We checked in at our resort and then headed straight to the Expo.  Each runner has to check in at the Expo to pick up your race packet and bib.   The 5K was scheduled to start at 6am on Friday morning and the buses from our resort started leaving for Epcot at 4am.  We definitely wanted to be on an early bus!  We didn’t want the race starting without us.   O

In New York...

Have you been to New York City? Would you like to see it in a totally different way? How about the Adventures by Disney way? list=PL2A961C8CDA9CD7FC If you would like more details on this amazing adventure, please contact us!!! XOXO, Your Memory Maker, Kendra 

I Want Adventure..

Take a family vacation that is unforgettable!!!  Do something different!!  Don't just take a vacation......set off on an adventure!!! list=PL2A961C8CDA9CD7FC If you would like more information about how to take this type of adventure, please contact us!! XOXO, Your Memory Maker, Kendra 

Italian Adventure

Let's ITALY!!! list=PL2A961C8CDA9CD7FC If you would like more information, please contact us!! We would love to help you see " Italy in an entirely new way!" XOXO, Your Memory Maker, Kendra 

Happy Easter ZIP Travel Family!

From all of our agents to you: HAPPY EASTER!  We look forward to helping you plan lots of fun filled vacations this year!  Check out this post for some Disney Easter magic.  ****************************************************** Easter at Disney When people think about the holidays at Disney World, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come to mind.  BUT. Have you ever thought about visiting on OTHER holidays? It's great to see Disney's take on these special moments and give your kids an experience that is different than that same thing you do each year.  We tried out Disney at Easter and it was amazing for the kiddos! There are many activities that happen and gorgeous decor to check out. Below are some photos of the amazing eggs that were on display at the Grand Floridian lobby.  It is not even hard to get over there to see them! Have us plan a meal for you at one of the amazing restaurants there: 1900 Park Fare, Grand