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Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List of things you’d like to do or places you’d like to go?   I’d have to say Paris, Rome, the Holy Land and Ireland make up my top 4 places to go.   I’ve been to Paris, but I REALLY want to go back as soon as possible.   Some places you need a few days in, if not several, and some places may only take a day or two.   When it comes to international travel, consider visiting a few places.   If going to Europe, consider two or three places to maximize your time abroad.   It can be time well spent.   London and Paris aren’t too far apart from one another.   Germany and Austria are neighbors, just as Italy and Switzerland are. Your Memory Maker, Shamron

Dreaming of Travels Far, Far, Away...

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a galaxy Far Far Away or maybe being in a world where you seem as small as a toy? Well if so, then the new expansions at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios should bring your fantasies to life. Toy Story Land The new area simply label Toy Story Land from Disney Pixar’s hit movie series Toy Story, You can enter a world and seem as small as your Buzz Lightyear or Woody action figures. New rides coming to this area will be a Slinky Dog Roller Coaster and an Alien Swirling Saucers. In Alien Swirling Saucers, guest will find themselves feeling like a toy in the claw game at the local arcade swirling around the area trying to avoid being caught. I would imagine the Slinky Dog Roller Coaster to have the similar design as that of the new Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train at Disney’s Magical Kingdom. Another area I’m excited about is the area taking the place of the former Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. The new area will be remodeled to give guests the

Disney Dream Ice Cream Splurge

Ice cream is one of my very favorite things! It's in my daily diet. I love all flavors and the more fun toppings the better! While sailing on the Disney Dream we splurged on the Ralph's Family Challenge at Vanellope's. I say splurged only because we did pay for this ice cream, as oppose to the free soft serve ice cream that is available on board. The challenge cup was filled with 6 scoops of ice cream or gelato, 6 toppings of your choice, loads and loads of whipped cream, and all the cherries you wanted! If you are an ice cream lover this treat is for you. It cost $14.95 and you keep the trophy. For a family of four sharing that's a pretty sweet deal! 

Finding Disney Touches in Everyday Items...

One of our favorite Disney trip traditions is to stock up on Disney inspired soaps. Basin has the cutest bar soaps complete with hidden Mickeys. They have these in a variety of scents. We love to display ours in our guest bathrooms and in the kitchen! Basin also carries some of the best bath bomb I have ever used. I prefer the ones with the Mickey heads, as the bath bomb dissolves confetti type Mickey heads appear and float at the top of your bath! You can find a Basin store inside the Grand Floridian or at Disney Springs. Both locations offer an annual pass and a dvc member discount. 

All About Atlantis

All About Atlantis Atlantis in general confuses people since there are so many rooming options. They all offer something different and you need to know a bit about them to know what will fit your families needs the best.  There are also options to just have a room and do things as you wish on the fly or you can add a meal plan to have a feel that is more like an all inclusive. Check out the information below to learn more about this paradise that has an option for every budget!  What exactly is Atlantis?  Atlantis, Paradise Island is a unique destination featuring the world's largest open-air marine habitat, home to over 50,000 sea animals living in 14 exhibit lagoons. Explore Aquaventure, an innovative waterscape of thrilling slides and rides. Discover secrets of the lost continent in The Dig, and interact with gentle dolphins in Dolphin Cay. Enjoy 20 swimming areas, renowned beaches, the Mandara Spa, Aura nightclub, a world-class casino, duty-free shopping at Marina Vi

Cars Pool at Art of Animation

If you've been to Disney's Art of Animation Resort you're probably familiar with the lively, bright and colorful pool in the Finding Nemo section of the Resort! While this is a super cute and fun pool it can be very chaotic, especially on a crowded day. This reason in particular is why the Cars pool appealed much more to my family while on our recent vacation! It's a much smaller pool which makes it easier to keep an eye on everyone but it's still highly themed just like the Nemo pool. Another great feature of this area is that it has "cozy cone" cabanas! These are available on a first-come first-served basis and are completely FREE to use while at the pool. If you find yourself at Art of Animation and you've got some time to relax by the pool be sure to give this area a try! 

Spotlight on Universal's Hard Rock Hotel

The Zip Memory Makers recently took a trip to Universal Orlando and we were fortunate enough to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. This was a first for most of us and we were not disappointed! From the moment you walk in the doors you have the feeling that you're a VIP. The decor is obviously centered around music but in a tasteful way. There is a lot of attention to detail. In the rooms, for example, there's a mirror on the wall with height marks of famous musicians for you to compare your height to theirs. Speaking of the rooms, the beds are very comfortable, some of the best hotel pillows we've ever encountered! Another plus - there's plenty of space in the rooms!!  There are great food options at the Hard Rock Hotel...two noteworthy options are The Kitchen ​&​  BeachClub. The Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch ​& ​ dinner ​&​  is very family-friendly. No reservations are required, it's a ​casual dining spot with wonderful food! The BeachClub

Pongu Pongu

Have you been to Pongu Pongu at Disney’s Pandora yet? If you have not, you are in for a real treat! They are known for the new Night Blossom, which is a frozen non-alcoholic beverage. It is made with frozen limeade and features apple, and desert pear flavors. You top it off with passion fruit Boba pears and it makes for a fruity fun drink! It is very sweet but perfect for a hot day in the park!

Top 12 Favorite "Must Do's" at Disney...

12.   Pick a non-park activity to do There is more than just the parks?   Yes!   Choose your favorite   mini-golf theme and visit Fantasia Gardens or visit Santa at Winter Summerland mini golf. There are motor boats you can rent and drive that depart from several deluxe resorts around Magic Kingdom.   Surrey bikes are available at Boardwalk, Riverside and Coronado Springs.   Ft. Wilderness Campground has horseback riding and carriage rides. 11.   Ride the monorail “Please stand clear of the doors.”   Ride the monorail at least once.   You can choose to ride it from Magic Kingdom to Epcot or Epcot to Magic Kingdom.   The third choice and probably my favorite is the resort loop.   You will leave from Magic Kingdom and proceed to each deluxe resort and return back to Magic Kingdom.   If you like, stop and get out and check out these amazing resorts, gift shops and places to eat.   Resorts you will see are the Polynesian, The Grand Floridian and The Contemporary.   10. Enjoy a