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Hollywood and Vine

I have to admit something. This is my very first time to eat at this restaurant. I know. I am suppose to be the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Diva. In my defense the Diva hasn't always had a small child. So today we tyred the Playhouse Disney breakfast. I have to say I was not surprised. This again was an amazing breakfast. It is a buffet. SO, very very kid friendly. Below is the menu and pictures of our experience. Out of all the Character meals I have eaten, this is the best overall experience. Oso has now joined the breakfast. If your little one loves him, this is the place to find him. Seasonal fruit Freshly baked pastries Assorted yogurts Breakfast Meats Scrambled Eggs and Frittata Mickey Waffles with assorted toppings Oven Roasted Potatoes Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. Children's options available

Chef Mickey's

Today we ate with the main mouse, that's right, Mickey. This is our first stop on the Character meal train. Joining Mickey are his pals, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. Can you tell we are excited??!!! Below are the items you can find on the buffet. Also, the price per person. These items may vary, according to seasons. $26.62 for Adults, $13.99 for Children 3-9 PREMIUM FRUIT BAR Seasonal Melon and Fresh Fruit Display, Assorted Flavored Yogurts & More CEREAL SELECTIONS Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Crunchero's, Hot Oatmeal BREAKFAST SPECIALTIES Pluto's Cheese Blintz Scrambled eggs Three-cheese Omelet Chef's Daily Omelet Goofy's Vegetable Lasagna Mickey Mouse Waffles Bacon and Cheese Potatoes Breakfast potatoes Minnie's Breakfast Pizza Powder-Sugar Dusted French Toast Pancakes Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy Sausage Links and Bacon Tator Crisps PASTRY CHEF'S CREATIONS Bagels, Chocolate Croissants, Muffins Cinnamon Rol

Disney World or Bust!!

Today we are on our way to the most magical place on earth. We will check into Coronado Springs tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!! I love Coronado Springs for so many reasons; the pools, the quick service restaurant, the price, and the fact that the rooms have recently been refurbished. I am so excited to be staying here again!!! More pictures to come. I promise!! Here is the story behind Coronado Springs. In the early 16th century, the people living in New Spain (now Mexico) began to hear rumors of the “Seven Golden Cities of Cibola” located in the deserts hundreds of miles to the north. The legend told that these cities held vast amounts of wealth just waiting to be claimed by anyone fortunate enough to discover their whereabouts. In 1535 Francisco de Coronado left his home in Salamanca, Spain and came to the New World. He climbed the social and political ladder quickly and was soon appointed to the position of Governor of Neuva Galicia. In 1540, Mexican Viceroy Antonio de

Are we there yet......Part 2

In an earlier post I wrote about must have items to entertain children in long car rides. This is part 2 of the post. I never leave home without my "bag of tricks". These below are the other items I must have. I know what you are thinking. Play-Doh, really?? Yes! Yes, my friend, it can save the day! I have a car seat tray that my toddler uses for various things. I bought the tray at our local super store for $15. I have to say, it was the best $15 I have ever spent. Play-Doh can break up the day. It is fun, and helps small motor skills.  Also, it is a neat, different car distraction. This is the obvious one. DVD player and lots of DVDs. We would not even attempt any car ride without this little beauty. I have to say, I'm not sure a green worm every sounded so good. This little gem will read the book out loud to your child. Built into the software, are games to play. These fun books are very easy for small hands to use. Now you know my car ride secrets. I do sugg

I am thankful for......

Happy Thanksgiving to you!! So many people will give thanks today. But, what to you give thanks for?  I could say I am thankful for my job, and I am. I could say I am thankful for my health, and I am.  Most of all I am thankful for my family. I love my family.  As crazy as we all may be. I love sitting around the table and laughing until I can't breathe. I love the fellowship, and most of all I love the precious time together. Today, on this Thanksgiving, I hope you are surrounded with family and friends.

Are we there yet..... Part 1

How many times have you heard that phrase during your car ride??  I have a few suggestions to help make your drive more pleasant. As pleasant as 10 hours in a car can be. This is the new Fisher Price IXL. My daughter was given this by her aunt at her birthday. Hands down the best gift this year!!!! She loves it and it is very 3 year old friendly!! She is able to turn it on and play all by herself. So far we have not had to change batteries. It also has a port for ear buds. The great thing about this little jewel, it is also an MP3 player. We were able to upload her music to it. BONUS: you can also upload pictures which can then be transformed into a new creation by your child. This alone is hours of entertainment. Every time I go to the Dollar Store of down the dollar isle at the local super store, I always find great ideas for a long car ride. Stickers are a great source of entertainment for my 3 year old. So are sticker activity books. These are apart of our standard long t

Packing Tips for Disney World......Part 3

 Yesterday I posted part 2 of packing tips. Today I am posting part 3. These are just to good to make you wait a week. Glow sicks!! Yes, glow sticks. Disney has their own twist on glow stick, but it will cost you. I found these at our local dollar store. I only paid a buck for each package. Way, way less than what I would have paid at Disney. Don't forget to pick so up before your big trip. Your little one will be so happy you did. I have already admitted to being a germ freak. I own it, therefore it is ok. These are a few items that I will not leave home without.  I still have a small child that thinks outlets are really neat. I recommend taking a few outlet covers.  Sani Kids are great wipes. They do contain alcohol, so these are not good for wiping faces. However, they are great for wiping tables. I saved the best for last. Yes, yes this is what you think it is. It is a toilet seat cover. Not just any toilet seat cover. This has sticky on the bottom of the cover so it wi

Packing Tips for Disney World..... Part 2

When traveling to Disney with small children, you really need some very important items. These are items I will not leave home without!! Toss and Go sippy cups, are one of the most important things not to forget. Most of the rooms on property do not have a dish washer. Yes, I am a germ freak. It is ok and I own it. These cups are great because you can toss (recycle) at the end of the day. Disposable spoons are another item I will not forget. When you are dining at any Disney restaurant, and you ask for a spoon, the smallest you will get is a teaspoon. When my daughter was 13 months a teaspoon is a little large for a tiny mouth.  The yellow cap, next to the toss and go sippy's, is an instant sippy cup from a bottle. I thought this was great. My daughter is all the time wanting to be a big girl. However, she is not coordinated enough to drink out of a water bottle without getting soaked. This is the best inventions for independent toddlers. I purchased this at Buy Buy Baby .  I a

Dining with Pooh

When it comes to dining at Disney, I think I have eaten almost everywhere. One of our favorites is Crystal Palace. The variety of food was great and the characters were very friendly and took so much time with our daughter. She is 13 months in these pictures, and she loved every minute of this meal. Below is the price and menu items. Know that the menu is always subject to change. I highly recommend this dining experience!   An All You Can Eat Character Meal With Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. Lunch COST: $22.99 adults; $12.99 children 3-9. Tax and gratuity extra. Pooh's Corner (Kid's Buffet) Mac and Cheese Chicken Fingers Cheese Pizza   Menu Items Change Often Mixed Field Greens Ranch and Zinfandel Dressings Mandarin Orange Sesame Vinaigrette Sliced Tomatoes and Egg with Toasted Cumin Dressing Sweet Plantain, Cucumber and Corn Salad Shrimp, Black Bean and Mango Salad Couscous, Tofu, and Roasted Vegetable Salad Mediterranean Pasta Salad Tabbouleh Salad Beet Salad

Celebrate Today!

I love Disney's campaign this year. If you could not guess, it is "Celebrate Today!" I love that motto. Everyday should be a celebration. I don't know anyone that celebrates better than Disney..  Above is a picture from Cinderella's Royal Table. This is called The Buckle. I must say it was very yummy! Below is the dinner menu for Cinderella's Royal Table. Please know that the menu is always subject to change. The price for this dining experience is  $54.76 per adult and $33.60 per child (ages 3-9). Price includes tax and gratuity. If are using your dining plan, the restaurant will take 2 of your entitlements. Also at this location you will receive a complimentary image package that contains: 4 prints 4" by 6" One print 6" by 8" One print 6" by 8" of Cinderella Castle Cinderella-themed photo holder The package is delivered to you during your meal. (One photo package per party of 1-4; two photo packages for parties of 5-8, etc.)

A few of my favorite Disney things..... Part 2

I love, love, love Christmas!! I love, love, love Disney at Christmas. Every time we go on vacation, I purchase a new Christmas ornament from our trip. I love our memory tree. I really like being able to pick out a plain ornament and have a Disney artist make it so personal to us. Next time you are in "The World" check out the Christmas Shoppes. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Everyone always asks me about the weather at Disney World . I always respond,  "What time of the year are you going?" If you go to Disney in spring, summer and early fall: prepare yourself for the heat. It is HOT!!! I can't sugar coat it for you. I have been during this time and I do not enjoy myself. I do not like the heat!!! Don't get me wrong Disney is great, but the heat is awful!!!!!! I like to travel to "The World" in late fall and winter. I love the decorations and the weather is most pleasant. Also this is the time of year Disney offers a special called the Free Dining Plan . If you are traveling to the Orlando area in the next few weeks, I recommend layers. You may be in your swim suite at 12:00 noon and in a hat and gloves by 9:00pm. That is the magic of Disney for you.

Must have Snacks!!

As I have traveled through the years to Disney , I have always taken snacks into the parks. However, when I became a mom this took on a whole new meaning. My daughter was 13 months the first time we took her to Disney. She was 13 months with no teeth. This was an interesting time in our lives, because I had to puree a lot of what she ate. Snacks then consisted of Cheerios, Gerber Puffs and bananas. Our snacks have evolved into what you see in the picture above. Disney understands the need for your child to have the things that they need. Park officials have to problem with you bringing in your fav's. Make sure none of these items are glass. Glass of any kind is not allowed in Disney Parks. Snacks are great things to take out while you are waiting in line. Most children grow very tired of waiting in the lines at Disney. FASTPASS  is a great option Disney has, however you are limited to how many you can have at one time. So, snacks are a great way of distracting the little one's

Packing Tips For Disney World.... Part 1

Each week I want to help all the mommy's know what is a MUST to pack for your small child while you are in Disney World. This week I have a few items I will not leave home without!!! Stroller hooks are a must!! I use them for so many different things. Each park has a play area for children. Most of these areas have large water fountains. The weather is mostly warm in Orlando, so swim ware is always appropriate. I always bring a swim suite in the parks. It is a great way to take a brake from the parks and kids love water!! Once we are finished with water play, I hang the suite on these hooks. The swim suite drys quick. Bonus: You do not have to worry about hanging it once you get back to your resort at midnight. I never, never, never go to Disney without band aids!!! I take all different sizes. I also pack them in a backpack and take to the parks with me. You never know when a boo boo will happen or a nasty blister will pop up.

A few of my favorite Disney things..... Part 1

Each week I plan to post about my favorite Disney things. This week my favorite is soap. Not just any soap, but Disney Resorts soap. Each day as housekeeping cleans your room, they will leave new soap on your super white towels. Now let me take a moment to discuss these really white towels. I do not understand how Disney gets these things so clean?? It baffles me!! Not a spot on them anywhere!! I know they have been used before, but you would never know. This may have to be a post for another day. Back to the soap. This soap is no ordinary soap. It is Mickey soap. Just another magical touch Disney is known for. I know you are thinking, "this lady is crazy", but it is the small things in life. I love to be able to give Disney goodies to friends, family and even clients when we return from our travels.  We are always on a budget. Yes, the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Diva is ALWAYS on a budget!! This is a really fun & practical goodie to give.

Countdown to Disney Calendar

I know many people have made countdown calendars. I have made several in years past. Time is always a huge factor in this house, as I feel like I do not have enough hours in the day. This calendar is super simple and free!! Those are the magic words "free" and "simple"!! I went to Disney .com and clicked on the preschool page. From the preschool page, click on calenders. On this page you are able to choose which character and calender that works best for you. For obvious reasons we chose Minnie Mouse . Then you can add icons to your dates. We chose the Mickey head for the day we are leaving for " THE WORLD ". Every night before dinner we let our daughter mark off the day. She is so excited about the trip. Also, a great bonus, she is learning math skills in the process.

Will potty for money.

Anyone who has ever tried to potty train a child will tell you, it is not easy!!! My daughter was just not going  to potty unless she was super motivated to do so. We tried candy, toys, and even special outings (Chuck E Cheese) none of these worked. I noticed every time she would see coins, she would take them and hide them in her "special place". Sometimes I am slow, but I caught on quick. That day we went to the store and I let her pick out a piggy bank. We explained to her every time she would use the potty she could put money in her bank. We also told her this would be her money she could use at Disney. I do understand that she can not comprehend using her money at Disney, she is only 3. However, she is potty trained!! I am not sure how much money is in the little pig. I will say it is super heavy! I am hoping to teach her the importance of saving for things and how to manage money.  Here again, she is only 3, but you have to start somewhere.  

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Mickey and Minnie  I just love to throw a great party! I love fellowship, and most of all I love celebrating my daughter!!! Her 3 little years are worth celebrating. And celebrating in a big way. After all, she only turns 3 once. Let's talk about cake. I love cake. I love cupcakes. I love all things sweet. My sweet pea also loves cake! SO we had both. Minnie Mouse Cupcakes The cupcake picks and wraps came from a shop on I am not sure of the shop, but they were super cute. I loved the sprinkles.I picked them up at our local super store. I have had many people ask how I make my icing. So, here is my secret. 1 box powdered sugar 1 large scoop Crisco 2-4 tablespoons of milk vanilla extract Super, super easy and so very yummy! We loved this cake!! Every party must have a party favor. I found these on Birthday Express . I wanted to give a favor that kiddo's could use, not one that would go in the trash after the party. They came in very handy at the party. Who

Hello Blogging World!

Hello, blogging world your Disney Specialist has arrived. I have to say, I never thought I would have a blog, only because I am so technologically challenged. And that is an understatement!!!!  With a little bit of pixie dust and great friends, who helped out in the tech department, the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Diva emerged. I can't wait to share with you all things Disney .As I blog I will be sharing great tips from Disney Parks to planning a great Disney Party. I even plan on great giveaways to go with fun trivia. I am so excited!! Can you tell?! I want to tell you a little about me.  I am a former Disney Cast Member and now Disney Specialist . I can help you and your family plan your best Disney vacation . Did I mention my services are free. I always get the best deals on Disney vacations. From Walt Disney World to Hawaii . Yes, Disney has a resort in Hawaii. I enjoy my job and I can't wait to help you. Stay tuned for great tips and ideas! This is going to be a magical r